Executive Heads Letter 1.4.20

Dear Children,

We are going to ask that a grown up reads this message to you or with you.Our school had to close very quickly, for nearly all children last week. This was so that we could help to stop the COVID-19 virus from spreading in our community. It is one way we can try and keep you and your family safe. We hope you are being safe and helping your family with that too.
Lots of the staff have worked in schools for many years and it is very, very unusual for all schools to have stop so suddenly. We know that part of that might seem exciting for you but also we know lots of you will be missing your friends, teachers and staff in school. We are missing you all too!
We hope you will be excited to know that your teachers are going try and speak to each and everyone of you on a telephone in your home.  This is so they can say hello and so you know they are still thinking about you and your class.
We hope your family won’t mind. Please tell them:

  • your teacher is going to send them an email to explain about the phone call and to check that it is ok with them.
  • if you and your family are happy about that your teacher will agree a good time to phone. It might not be straight away as there are lots of children to phone.
  • it is a friendly phone call that won’t last longer than 10 minutes (your teacher has lots of other things to do too and your friends to phone).
  • you can talk to your teacher about any learning you have been doing but we are not phoning to check or tell anyone what they must do.
  • your teacher might tell you some interesting things they have been doing too, but most of all they just want to say hello because you are still in their class.
  • you won’t be able to phone your teacher back but they will phone again another time.

We really hope you are all keeping yourselves safe, managing to do some nice things with your families and helping if your grown-ups are busy. Fingers crossed you are reading, writing, and listening to lots of books and stories. We would love to see any or any diaries you are writing. This time in your life will, one day, be remembered and your diary might help them to know what it was like to be a child during the COVID-19 crisis.
Go safelyMrs Neate-Evans(Executive Principal – the lady you see coming in and out of your school)

Executive Heads Letter 27.3.20

Dear Children and Families

I want to update you about what your schools have been doing during this very very challenging time.

Firstly, we hope you are all managing to follow the government guidelines to prioritise your safety and that of others.

I recognise the challenges many of you will be facing during the COVID-19 crisis, whether this be with health, finances, feeling isolated, big changes to routines or worry.

As schools we are working hard to make sure we are supporting this crisis and the teams have been superb to make sure we offer provision for critical workers. They have been thoughtful, generous and kind. We are planning staff training and are in frequent contact with our teams.

Some of you may also be worrying about your child’s education. It is understandable. You have been given some resources that you can look at home. Our way of working during this crisis is to focus on priorities.  For children, this is probably reassuring them, establishing a simple routine and keeping safe. No school, no family, no country or continent has faced anything like this before so we are all learners together. We all need to be safe, patient and kind.

I am concerned about the huge expectation some schools are placing on families and social media adds to this pressure.  Our leaders do not feel this is appropriate at this time. We are trying to get the balance right between providing helpful resources and knowing that families have a lot of other things to manage too. We will keep feeding things out to you and I’m sure school staff are happy to try and respond to constructive feedback. I am mindful many of them also are facing the same challenges of juggling work and children too.

If you do use Twitter I am @BinksNeateEvans. I’ll lookout for any of you!

The schools will remain closed to all except critical worker families and we will be providing this support to them over the Easter holiday. Thank you for being supportive and not pressurising staff for places that do not fit the strict government criteria.

We have ended Week 1 and will keep in touch with you. Stay in and  keep safe.

Binks Neate-EvansExecutive Principal 

OnlineSafetyAtHome Activity pack for parents & carers

Coronavirus School Closure Update – 20/3/2020

Dear Families

Thank you again for the continued support and understanding you are showing the school. This is an update on the emergency provision we have put in place after the government announcement to close schools from today.

All families are strongly urged to keep children away from school and to only use emergency provision if you are a key worker AND really have no safe alternative. This is to really minimise the spread of COVID-19

Families and children must not attend school on Monday unless you are classified as a key worker. If you do, unfortunately we will have to ask you take your child home.

Any applications we have received are being accepted so children of these families should bring children to school on Monday. HOWEVER we will be reviewing and checking all information on Monday and Tuesday. If your role does not fall into the government guidelines, this provision will cease at the end of the school day.

Families must not rely on informal advice from their employers and must refer to the government guidelines to see if they are classified as a key worker.

Families who are identifying as key workers must have up to date emergency contacts and contingency for collecting their child should they fall ill when attending the emergency provision. We have no choice but to place children in isolation until they are collected. We will ensure their well-being is managed and they appropriately supervised but we will expect them to be collected immediately by a known contact.

Please do NOT call  or phone the office to check information etc unless absolutely urgent. Office staff are having to manage a significant workload doing so places strain on the system.

School are providing work for children. This will be communicated in the days ahead.

Children who are entitled to free school meals should come to the Infant School hall door at 12.00 and/or the Junior School office at 11.30 am to collect their free packed lunch. They must be supervised. There will be minimum contact so please come at the allocated time, do not stay on the premises longer than necessary.

We will update you as and when we receive information – please do not phone the school for updates.

We continue to work for the community. We strongly advise all families to follow the guidelines to prevent the reduction of the spread of COVID-19.

Thank you, keep safe
Binks Neate-Evans
Executive Principal

Statement from Evolution Academy Trust 19.3.2020

Following the announcement by the government yesterday, schools in Evolution Academy Trust will continue to do all we can to support the learning of our pupils and families across the trust.

We support the Government’s decision that children of key workers and vulnerable children will continue to attend school. We understand that examples of key workers include NHS staff, police and delivery drivers and we expect a definitive list from the government to be released later today. Vulnerable children include those who have a social worker and those with Education, Health and Care Plans. Your individual school will contact you directly about the arrangements for your children. If you are not in one of these groups, you will be expected to keep your child at home from Monday.

It remains our duty as schools to provide an education for your children. Each school will provide work and explain how further work will be communicated. We are recommending that during term time children keep to a similar routine as when they come to school. If you need further support throughout this period, please make contact with your school who will do their best to support you. Unless school staff are unwell, they will be continuing during term time to work and support their pupils.

Parents whose children are entitled to a free school meal will be contacted to provide a voucher during term time for the value of the meal or a collection point for food that would have been provided in school. The Department for Education has said that there will shortly be a national voucher scheme and we will keep you updated over the next 2 days as details emerge.

As a trust, we recognise the significant anxieties that surround the current situation for children and families. Our School staff have the same anxieties for their health and their families and are working hard to ensure that we retain the highest quality of provision and care for all our families during this time. The trust is grateful for their continuing diligence and care at this time. We thank you for your patience as we work at speed to answer the many questions that this new situation brings. Please be assured we continue to work on your behalf to do the best we can for all children across the trust.

We will issue further communications as the situation develops and as the government and local authorities release further information.

Coronavirus Update 19.3.20

Dear Families

Thank you for the support you have given the school over the past week. You will have heard that the government has decided that schools are closing for most children from Friday afternoon. We recognise that this is extremely challenging for you as families to manage and process. Children should come to school until then unless they show symptoms of COVID-19.

We will be talking to the children about it today to reassure them that all the adults in their life will be looking after them; this includes their families, people in school and the people who run our country. It is vital for children that they feel adults are in control. We recognise the huge demand and strain this places on many of you as you cope with children at home whilst managing other responsibilities. We will be thinking of ways we can offer distance support for you.

The school is working with Evolution Academy Trust and the Local Authority to plan for those children and families who will be coming to school. We don’t know what this looks like yet but we are hoping for clarification later today. We are aiming to work across the three schools as this helps our capacity with staff and leaders.

Teachers are working extremely hard to gather resources for the many children who will not be coming to school. They will also give you suggestions as to how you may manage this.

We will update this page regularly. We offer heartfelt thoughts to our community in these unprecedented times and please be reassured we will do our utmost to support children and families.

Thank you
Binks Neate-Evans
Executive Principal