Letters Home to Parents

26.03.2021 Parent update

Dear parents/ carers,

Happy Easter everyone!

It has been such a great few weeks having a full school of children. There have been a lot of happy faces and I love seeing you all arrive and leave full of enthusiasm every day. Most children have settled back into familiar routines and learning has begun to flow again. Teachers have been able to work closely with groups and individuals to gather assessment information on learning and have made their plans for the Summer term to ensure children make as much progress as possible across the curriculum.

Arrangements for reporting suspected or confirmed cases of COVID 19 during Easter

The term ends at 3.15 p.m on Friday 26th March 2021 (1515hrs; 26.03.2021) The school will continue with contact tracing over Easter, similar to the arrangements over Christmas.

What do you need to do:·

If your child develops symptoms between Saturday 27th March 2021 (27.03.2021) and 3.15p.m on Sunday 28th March (1515hr; 28.03.2021), inform the school straight away by emailing


AND get a test straight away. Your whole family will need to self isolate for 10 days.

· Report the test result of your child to us as soon as you receive it by emailing covidline@angelroadinfant.norfolk.sch.uk.

Please include these details:

1. Use the email subject line: COVID REPORTING

2. Your child’s name

3. Confirmation of a test booking or positive test result

4. Date & time of first symptoms

5. Date your child was last at school

6. Your child’s class teacher

7. Your contact tel. number in case we need to check anything with you.

· If your child develops symptoms after 3.15 p.m on Sunday 28th March 2021 (1515hr; 28.03.2021), please do not report to your school but you will need to follow NHS and government guidelines, get a test and self-isolate.

· If your child has been in school to the end of term, check your emails daily. This is in case we have to inform you that your child needs to self-isolate because of a positive test result from someone in his or her bubble. You will receive an automated email from the school telling you your child needs to self-isolate if your child is in the same bubble group.

LFT tests

Many of you will now have access to self-tests by now. These are for regular asymptomatic testing of adults and children over the age of 11 years. Children with symptoms must be taken to get a PCR test at a test centre.

COVID Risk Assessment – Summer term

I have reviewed our COVID risk assessment for the Summer term. We are following the same Government principle of a gradual release from lockdown restrictions while continuing to follow the latest DfE guidance as it comes through. Unless stated otherwise, all measures that are currently in place remain the same, with the exception of Breakfast and After School Club opening again and a small number of staff working across bubbles to deliver specialist teaching sessions. There may be other movement of staff to cover absence but this will be limited.

Please continue to follow all the restrictions in place around school such as wearing masks on-site, one parent one child, keeping to the staggered entry and exit times and following the one-way system – I have noticed a few people using the main gate as an exit when there are no staff present.

Financial support when isolating

Please use this link to find out how eligible families may be able to access financial support if your child is required to self-isolate.


Holiday dates

School Closed – Staff training day Monday 12th April 2021

School opens for children Tuesday 13th April 2021

May Day holiday school closed Monday 3rd May 2021

Last day for children Half term Friday 28th May 2021

Half term

Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June 2021

School opens for children Monday 7th June 2021

End of term, school closes Thursday 22nd July 2021

Food vouchers

Free School Meal Vouchers for eligible pupils will continue over the two weeks of the Easter Holidays. They have been ordered and should arrive on Monday 29th March 2021.

Spring/Summer Menu

Due to Aspen staff absence, we will be postponing the launch of the new menu until at least the middle of May. We will update you as soon as we know when it will start and send out copies of the new menu in time for you to make choices for your child/children.


We have already begun thinking about how we will be able to support children’s transition next term. Whether they are moving between Nursery and Reception, Reception and KS1 or onto Junior School. We are working closely with colleagues across all settings to ensure we are able to offer something suitable and safe and we await further guidelines from the government on this as lockdown continues to progress.

One last thing

If you have time over the holiday period, and you would like to give your views on the school please use the following link


Many, many thanks again, please enjoy some family time if you are able to and I will see you all again in two weeks. Take care and continue to stay safe.

Lindsay Moody

Head of School

26.03.2021 – Parent update from Executive Principle

Dear Families


I am slightly staggered that we have already reached the end of the Spring term and we have the Easter holidays ahead. The last three weeks in school have been a very affirming and positive phase.

Despite the worries that many have had, children have settled back into the routines and expectations of school life. This is a testament to the way you have supported your children and also the high levels of professionalism and preparedness shown by the school teams. We are committed to building on the high levels of engagement that has been created between families and schools during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, we did have to close one bubble at one of the schools this week. We were all very disappointed to have to do this when children had just settled back in. Huge thanks to the families who were so patient and understanding. We recognise what a huge upheaval it is for you.

All families should have received a letter from their school outlining how eligible families may be able to access financial support if your child is required to self-isolate.



School leaders are sharply focused on supporting their teams to ensure that what is taught and the way it is taught will help all children be in a strong place for September 2021. We are focussing on precision teaching so that we maximise the impact of all lesson time. This means teachers and support staff are making decisions about the exact curriculum content that is essential for children to master.

We are also considering how we continue with the use of Seesaw and digital learning so that children can revisit ideas and concepts that have been taught in lessons. We believe one of the things that lockdown learning has taught us is that children can be motivated and engaged in learning when they have a degree of agency and control. I know from my own personal perspective, that I have really benefitted from the explosion of online learning which I can access flexibly, pause, ponder and clarify at pace that suits me. Children will be no different. Over the next term and into next year, teachers and leaders will be developing materials that children will be able to access in a flexible way, so you can continue to support and engage in your child’s learning journey.


Well-being is a significant concern for society. I have had some very positive feedback from the community about pushing out interesting content via these updates. To this end, I was considering the one message I would want to share with families this holiday. For me, the well-being of an individual is paramount in order to function well in society, to feel valued and secure in ourselves. You will also know that our schools have READING as a top priority. This is because we know that becoming a fluent reader unlocks learning and creates choice. Choice is very important. Poor literacy levels can really reduce choices available to us in the short and long-term.

I came across this very short clip (only 14 mins) that shows how important reading fiction is. It literally changes the brain and is directly linked with well-being. It is quite accessible and with some supported conversations, you could even share and discuss with older children. I hope it may be food for thought for you and your families. Please do pass it on to anyone who may benefit.

I hope that families manage to enjoy the next phase of unlocking whilst urging caution so that we can have all children safely back in school on TUESDAY 13th APRIL. Thank you to each community for all you continue to do to support our schools.

Binks Neate-Evans

29.01.2021 Parent Update

Dear Mums, Dads and carers,

Please see the link to video message about ‘live’ sessions for children who are remote learning at home or read the attached letter if you prefer.

We have moved forward in our efforts to provide some form of face-to-face, but virtual, sessions for children, and these will be starting next week. 

We have been working on developing a range of different sessions for individuals, small groups and whole classes. These may differ from class to class or phase group, depending on the needs of the children. We hope these sessions will be successful in engaging and motivating those children whose enthusiasm is slowing down as we move further into this lockdown period and maintain a sense of belonging for those who have been out of school for a long time.

If you have listened to the message or read the information, and you still have worries about live learning please get in touch, I’d be happy to talk to you about it. 


Have a good weekend everyone,
Lindsay Moody
Head of School

03.01.2021 Parent update – return to school

Arrangements for reporting suspected or confirmed cases of COVID 19 during the Christmas holidays.

Please use Google translate if unsure of the information provided below


You may have seen on the news or social media that schools are expected to be part of the track and trace process for up to 6 days after the end of the Autumn term.

In our three schools, the term ends at 3.15p.m on Thursday 17th December. Our track and trace responsibilities end at 3.15p.m on Wednesday 23rd December.

What do you need to do:

  • If your child develops symptoms between Thursday 17th December and 3.15p.m on Saturday 19th December, inform school straightaway by emailing covidline@angelroadinfant.norfolk.sch.uk  AND get a test straight way.
  • Report the test result of your child to us as soon as you receive it by emailing covidline@angelroadinfant.norfolk.sch.uk
  • You only need to tell us if your child who has been in school, has symptoms as they may be considered close contacts for their peers and staff. So you DO NOT need to inform us of family members having symptoms but you and your family will need to self-isolate.
  • If your child develops symptoms after 3.15p.m on Saturday 19th December,  please do not report to your school but you will need to follow NHS and government guidelines, get a test and self-isolate. It is very important that families stick to this cut off point for reporting or it will become very difficult for schools to manage incoming information. WE ONLY NEED YOU TO INFORM US IF YOUR CHILD DEVELOP COVID SYMPTOMS BETWEEN THURSDAY 17TH DECEMBER AND SATURDAY 19TH DECEMBER AND WHEN YOU GET THE TEST RESULTS FOR A CASE DURING THESE DATES.
  • If your child has been in school to the end of term, check your emails daily up to and including Wednesday 23rd December. This is in case we have to inform you that your child needs to self-isolate because of a positive test result from someone in their bubble; this is vital information particularly for those who may have arrangements to meet vulnerable family members.
  • If during the period between Thursday 17th December and Wednesday 23rd December, we are informed of a positive case, you will receive an automated email from school telling you your child needs to self-isolate if your child is in the same bubble group. We will not be able to take any calls or respond to any queries about this. We have been advised to inform you to contact regional Public Health England for further advice. Norfolk County Council has some useful links:




We know many families and staff are worried they may be asked to self-isolate and that Christmas plans to see loved ones may be disrupted.

It is very important that children do not come to school if they are unwell or if anyone in their home has symptoms or has tested positive. This will really help us minimise the risk of spreading the virus to the most vulnerable and prevent others from having to self-isolate.

We know Christmas can be a particularly difficult time of year for some. If you are worried about yourself or someone you know, this link may provide some help. Please do phone school before the end of term and we may be able to signpost you to some help.


I would like to acknowledge the brilliant work of your school teams and also the leaders. We recognise our moral responsibility to continue to be key players in minimising the spread of the virus. They have been given this additional contact and trace responsibility at a time when they really need a rest. Please do keep encouraging them and following the guidelines we communicate to manage this big responsibility as efficiently as possible – it really helps to have your support. Thank you.

I hope this information is clear and that you feel our schools are doing as much as we possibly can to keep your children and family, staff and the wider community as safe as possible.


Binks Neate-Evans

Executive Principal

Christmas Half-term holiday 19th-24th December 2020

News 27th November 2020

Parent Update 20.11.20

Dear Families

Thank you for continuing to follow the procedures we have put in place to keep the schools as safe as possible. We recognise what a difficult period this is for people on so many levels.  It is vital that we all play our part in maintaining COVID guidelines, particularly as we see other areas of the country and secondary schools deeply affected by the pandemic. We do not want anyone in our community to feel isolated, alone or unsupported. If you are struggling and need a friendly ear please get in touch as we have staff in each school who can listen and signpost you to support. 

We are striving to ensure that provision is maintained. It is important for families to know that when we have COVID related staff absence, it is a real logistical challenge to cover this without compromising the integrity of the bubbles we have created or to put staff at risk.  There is also increasing concern with school leaders of the increasing costs that are being borne by schools with no additional funding. Whatever anyone’s political persuasion I would encourage families to be aware of this and raise it with their local MP. Ultimately it impacts on what schools can provide. 

This week myself and Lynsey Holzer (CEO) have been carrying out school reviews to make sure our schools are safe and improving. So, I’d like to end the week with some real bright spots. Despite all the challenges we are facing as communities there is brilliant work going on in your child’s school. 

At the beginning of September, you may remember we said each school was having a strong focus on high expectations, whether this be behaviour or in learning. You may also remember that I reported back to you how impressed I had been with the children’s behaviour – I will now tell you I was a bit worried that it might have been a honey moon period and the novelty would wear off. I was wrong!  Not only have children continued to behave in a really appropriate way (we call this conduct), this week we were able to see some brilliant behaviour for learning; children concentrating, contributing to discussions, improving their work, asking questions, focussed on independent tasks etc. You should be very proud of them – we are!

Likewise, we were able to see some real progress in the quality of education. Many schools have reported how difficult it has been to manage COVID and drive forward school improvement. We have not used COVID as an excuse to stand still. Despite the huge challenges the leaders face, there is really strong evidence of good progress in the way children are being taught to read, the way teachers present learning and provide feedback and the way subjects are structured and sequenced. It is very heartening to see. 

School improvement is not possible without collective effort; children, families, different staff teams and the leaders. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all and to commend the sheer graft the school staff have put in. So many of you have been positive and encouraging and you have no idea how helpful that is. We are lucky also to have very supportive and skilled governors who help us on our journey. It is also very helpful that we are in the family of schools in Evolution as this really does provide good support to enable us focus on improvement.

I remain very ambitious for your children in our schools and hope you will help us to continue to improve. There is still work to be done and there always will be. All schools MUST be ‘learning organisations’ where everyone is a learner. This means that we will always strive to improve and develop.

I hope you all have a really safe but bright weekend. Please do share our pride in your children.

Binks Neate-Evans
Executive Principal 

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