Superhero Day

What a fun day we had! Today we all came to school dressed as our favourite Superheroes. We had three Superhero missions throughout the day:

  • To make a symmetrical Superhero mask.
  • To pick the Superhero story we will learn about in English.
  • Meet Aqua Dan who taught as lots of interesting and amazing facts about Superheroes.

We are all really excited about our new topic and are ready to learn more!

Badger Class October 2018

Our topic this half term is food. We read Charlie and the chocolate factory and were inspired to make chocolate like Willy Wonka. We tasted different chocolates so we could pick our favourite textures and flavours. When we made the chocolate we noticed that when chocolate is heated the chocolate is melted into a liquid and when we cooled it down it turned into a solid. We all agreed they were delicious!