People Who Help Us

This half term we are learning about ‘people who help us’ and have been visited by fire fighters and the police.  We were able to ask lots of questions about their job and also look at their emergency vehicles!  

Kimmys Zoo

We had some little furry friends visit us in school! Kimmys Zoo brought African animals for us to stroke, hold and learn facts about. We met meerkats, an African land snail, a pygmy hedgehog, a python and a tortoise. Some of us were brave enough to have the python round our necks!

Waterloo Park Spring Watch!

We went for a walk in Waterloo Park to find signs of Spring. We saw plants, blossom trees, birds and insects!

Gressenhall Trip

We had lots of fun learning about what homes were like in the Victorian times. We cleaned, did the washing, made scotch pancakes and went to a very strict school!


Teddy Bear Hospital

UEA Medics visited to help us understand what to expect when going to hospital. We operated on a Teddy Bear, learnt about body parts, listened to our hearts using stethoscopes and told the medics what was wrong with our own teddies. The medics told us how to look after our teddies and wrote them prescriptions to make them better. We had lots of fun!

Crime Scene!!

We came into class after play to find that all our books had been stolen! PC Willetts and PC Welch visited us to teach us about the roles of police officers and give us tips on how to solve our crime! We also got to try on their uniform and look at some of their equipment.


Decoration Day

We got ready for Christmas by making our own decorations with the help of our families! We made lots of lovely creations! Merry Christmas!

Tractor visit

When learning about farms we really enjoyed a visit from a Ben Burgess tractor. We learnt facts about the tractor and got to sit in the driving seat!