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You can find resources for home learning here. We will continue to update this page as time goes on. Please get in touch with the contact for your year group if you need any advice or help.

Please don’t feel like you have to replicate a full school day. Simple activities like reading, practising times tables and handwriting activities are always beneficial for the children. We also recommend trying to do as much physical activity as possible. The Joe Wicks Daily Workout is a brilliant way to start the day and can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ


As a school we are dedicated to ensure all children enjoy reading as well as becoming confident readers.  

Reading is an important skill which aids learning in all areas of the curriculum.

Sharing a Story

Children will continue to select Sharing Stories for you to read with them at home. Please keep sharing these stories together, as this is the very best way to support their reading for pleasure. We want the children to love stories and books! Please continue to encourage your child to change their Sharing Story book at the beginning of the day on a Friday. If you need any help with this please ask a member of staff.

Read Write Inc Practise Book

As soon as your child starts to read the Read Write Inc. Phonics Storybooks, they will bring home a black and white book to practise. This is a copy of the coloured version he or she will have read at school. Your child will have read this story three times with their reading teacher, so they should be able to practise their reading skills  confidently and independently.

Other Reading at Home






Year 2 - Mr Cunningham's Sport Transition Challenges

Our regular Year 2/3 Sports Transition afternoon is one of the events in our school calendar that I look forward to each year and I refuse to let a little thing like a global pandemic stop us coming together. However, we do have to be safe and responsible, so this year we are going online!

I have designed some sporting activities that we can all do at home. All of the challenges can be completed with everyday household items, such as toilet rolls, frying pans, old milk cartons, and even cutlery. In fact, the more creative and inventive you are with the challenges the more impressed I'll be.

Together with a special guest, I have recorded some short videos that explain and demonstrate the challenges. These are all available on a computer or on mobile, you may need to download the Google Sheets app on mobile (IT’S FREE).

The link above contains all of the information you need to get started, however, if you do have any questions you will need to use the email: virtualsportsday@outlook.com.

So, what are you waiting for!! Click the link above…and get started!

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