Work Experience And Volunteering At Angel Road Infant School

Introduction to our School

Angel Road Infant School is situated in the North of the city of Norwich. It can be found just a short distance off Waterloo Road, which runs between Magdalen Road and Aylsham Road. The children’s ages range from 4 – 7 years old and there are currently approximately 300 pupils on roll.

The school is part of a Federation with Angel Road Junior School and the North City Children’s Centre. The three establishments work closely together and share some members of staff and the Head teacher.

There are three year groups ranging from Reception Year to Year 2. Our school is for pupils in Key Stage 1 of their education.

Currently, we have 10 classes across the school. We also have a specialist music teacher and a PE/Games instructor.

Our support staff team includes 25 teaching assistants, a learning mentor and 12 midday supervisors.

The senior leadership team consists of the Head, Deputy Head and Assistant Headteachers.

The school runs a Breakfast club and After School Club as well as activity clubs on most days after school.


As a student on work placement or volunteer, you will gain very valuable experience at Angel Road Infant School but in return we will expect you to work hard and with respect for the staff and children.

Angel Road Infant is a very busy school and we expect you to be proactive and take initiative. Whether you are in school on work placement or as a volunteer, you will work in a designated class or year group and support the members of staff by following any requests they may have to help the children. This could mean for example; listening to children read, helping with art/craft or working with a small group of children towards a specific goal. We also welcome volunteers to help with visits which take place throughout the school year; specific details of these will be given for each trip.

In our school, we are strongly committed to safeguarding procedures to ensure the well-being of children. Please read our safeguarding policy which can be found on the website before contacting the school. Volunteers and work experience students will be subject to Enhanced DBS and vetting procedures.

Applying for work placement or to volunteer at Angel Road Infant School

Please complete the application form and send by email to office@angelroadinfant.norfolk.sch.uk. Once received, we will contact you with a response. If appropriate you will be invited in to school for an interview. If accepted we will arrange to do a DBS and your starting date, schedule and induction date will be agreed.

All volunteers and work placement students must complete their induction with the Deputy Head before beginning work in class.