Year 1

  • Year 1 & 2 Home Learning
  • People Who Help Us

    This half term we are learning about ‘people who help us’ and have been visited by fire fighters and the police.  We were able to ask lots of questions about their job and also look at their emergency vehicles!  

  • Otter Class have been enjoying our new topic of People Who Help Us

    The children got to meet real fire officers. They told us how to stay safe and prevent fires, let us climb aboard the fire engine and we even got to put out a pretend fire using the hose!! 

    We also had a visit from PC Eastoe and he let us try on Police uniform, showed us around the police van and let us see the flashing lights. It has inspired us to think about what we want to be when we are older and helped us to think about the amazing job these people do in our community.

  • Kimmys Zoo
    We had some little furry friends visit us in school! Kimmys Zoo brought African animals for us to stroke, hold and learn facts about. We met meerkats, an African land snail, a pygmy hedgehog, a python and a tortoise. Some of us were brave enough to have the python round our necks!
  • Waterloo Park Spring Watch!
    We went for a walk in Waterloo Park to find signs of Spring. We saw plants, blossom trees, birds and insects!
  Squirrels Hedgehogs Otters
(Year 1/Reception)
Teachers Charlotte Lyst,
Kirsty Walls,
Lizzie Morgan
Amy Sayles,
Clare Tattersall
Tasha Read
(Year 1 Leader)
Teaching Assistants Emma Haines,
Karen Vaughan
Gill Turner,
Mandy Groom
Hayley Davies
Midday Supervisors

Jo Lloyd

Caitlin Bell

Ruth Roope

Kirsty Roope



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