Keeping Your Child Safe

We place the highest priority on keeping your child safe and help them develop the confidence, skills and understanding to allow them to grow and thrive in school and throughout their lives. Our starting point is to ensure that children behave well and they feel safe and secure.

It is vital that if your child has any concerns you let us know immediately. Your child’s class teacher would normally be the first point of contact. However, you may want to meet with a Year Leader, Deputy Head or the Head of School. We will ensure that someone is available to hear your concerns and try and resolve the problem.

We employ also employ Parent Support Adviser – Mrs Heather Blythe who can help parents and families who need support.

Our commitment is to the safeguarding of all the children in the school. If we feel that there is a risk to the safeguarding of any child we will consult with Norfolk Children’s Services. We will usually share our concerns with parents and carers. However, we have an obligation to act in the interests of the children and will pass on any concerns that we feel necessary.