We are proud of the high standards of behaviour that our children demonstrate and the good reputation we have earned. The children understand our expectations and enjoy working and playing in our positive and calm school.

Rewarding good behaviour

We firmly believe that the best way to establish good behaviour throughout the school is to create a positive atmosphere for pupils who are behaving well. Praise is used widely throughout the school.

Children earn team points for small acts of good behaviour such as being polite, being caring etc. Each week we have a particular focus and promote an aspect of good behaviour throughout the school.

Certificates are presented in assembly to celebrate individuals or groups who have shown particularly high standards of behaviou

Our central aim is to create a positive ethos in the school which will reward children who are behaving well and discourage poor behaviour.

Working with children to improve their behaviour

For a small minority of pupils we have to implement individual plans. These will always include very clear targets to improve specific behaviours. The child will work towards rewards if they meet this target over a specific period of time. Earning a reward for the whole class will often form part of this approach to develop a sense of responsibility and to ensure the other children benefit from rewards and privileges.


We firmly believe that a positive approach to behaviour management is vital in securing the atmosphere we want to achieve in school. We encourage the children to think about their behaviour and have specific lessons to reflect on how and why we behave in certain ways. We aim to be as consistent as possible in our implementation of these approaches so that the children are aware of our expectations. We would like to hear parents to hear their views about how well these approaches work.