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Physical Education

Our varied, accessible and challenging curriculum leads to all pupils to competency in physical activity. By developing skills of agility, balance, coordination, teamwork and tactics, children will understand and apply them in Gymnastics, Games, Dance, Athletics and OAA. They will gain an understanding of the need to exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have the opportunity to engage in activities for both pleasure and competition.

At Angel Road Infant and Nursery School, we deliver a curriculum that builds knowledge, competence over time through a broad range of activities. Children develop a broad experience of physical activities covering different sports, skills, competitive opportunities and creative opportunities inspired by different stimuli. They will also develop knowledge and understanding that will enable them to make good choices to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a range of physical activities. Our curriculum will enable children to confidently access the wider world of being physically active beyond the classroom and in real life context and to use knowledge and skills from P.E. to support learning in other curriculum areas when relevant.