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Our rooms


Our Rainbow Room is spacious, bright and homely. We cater for 16 children at any one time with a staff to child ratio of 1:4.


  • We provide a variety of natural objects, materials and music to stimulate and engage, as well as relax
    and calm the children. We provide treasure baskets and heuristic (exploratory) play.
  • Children enjoy creative play activities throughout the session from painting and drawing to splashing in bubbly water and playing in the sand.
  • We have a variety of construction toys for the children to learn about design, balance and building.
  • We have a cosy quiet area with colourful books, cushions, blankets and cuddly toys. We also use this area for group singing and story telling.
  • There is a role-play area with a cooker, sink and cupboard for the children to develop their imaginative skills whilst re-enacting their own experiences.

Our Sunshine and Sunrise Rooms have an inviting and friendly atmosphere which is filled with fun and adventure and has access to the main outdoor area. We cater for 34 children with an adult to child ratio of 1:8


The Sun Rooms staff encourage independence and confidence so that the children have the skills and assurance to take with them to school. The children are encouraged to sit at group activities and story times. We follow a routine which is set to allow each child to choose their own activities and develop at their own speed, we recognise that children learn in different ways and provide a wide selection of activities.


There are toilets located off the main room, enabling children to take themselves off but have staff close by to sup-port with accidents and general care. Staff encourage children to use the low level toilets during their time in this room, ready for the transfer to school. The classroom has access to the outdoor area, allowing the children a free flow environment for indoor and outdoor play, at certain points during the day.


  • There is a role-play area with a cooker, sink and cupboard for the children to develop their imaginative skills whilst re-enacting their own experiences.
  • We have a variety of tools and apparatus that will lead to learning and discussion. These include tape measures, shapes, counting blocks, calculators, ruler plus many more.
  • We have range of Creative equipment, sand, water, arts and crafts and messy play which all children are free to access throughout the session.
  • Mark making happens in all areas where the children are able to put meanings to marks through drawing, writing their name or letters. These activities incorporate the use of stencils, pens, pencils and a variety of other mark making tools.
  • Block play and construction, all children have easy access to the resources on offer. They are able to build, balance, design and create mini masterpieces. These activities support their gross and fine motor skills, incorporate mathematics and speech and language to aid in all round development.
  • We have a cosy area for the children to relax, take time out, socialise with their friends or read a book. There is a sofa, cush-ions, bean bags and quiet relaxing music.
  • Children are able to access the outdoor area throughout the session. We provide a range of equipment from climbing frames to scooters, bikes, role play and messy play area for the children to enjoy.