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School Improvement



School Improvement and Development Plan 2021-2022


Summary of School Improvement Priorities


School Improvement and accountability is a complicated process. What we do know, is that it helps if the whole community know and contribute to the development of schools and what we are working on.


School Improvement and Development plans are wordy dense documents which have to be sufficiently detailed for those bodies that hold us to account i.e trustees, OFSTED and DFE.


We know many people will not have the time to read the detail but we hope it is helpful for you to know the main themes. These have been drawn up through:


  • discussion with leaders, staff and Local Governors,
  • listening to parental comments
  • observing children and classes
  • feedback from last term
  • using knowledge and experience of what works well


Summary of priorities


  1. To continue to improve outcomes for all groups of learners in Reading, Writing and Maths.
  2. To have an ambitious curriculum that improves outcomes for children because teachers have well developed subject knowledge.
  3. Making sure that the teaching your children receive is of a consistently high quality, whatever their age or stage, so that we are ambitious for all of them.
  4. To make sure we are using the right assessments and that they are used to help teachers to plan effectively so children’s learning improves.
  5. To ensure high quality provision in the Early Years that enables the youngest children to learn well.
  6. To make sure we have a positive, proactive approach to behaviour so children feel safe and know how to learn well.
  7. To make sure attendance is as good as it possibly can be for children and staff.
  8. To make sure we communicate with all stakeholders effectively.
  1. To make sure we are helping school staff to manage their workload so they feel effective and can have healthy lifestyles and appropriate work life balance.



Ofsted says…

“The governors have a good understanding of the strengths of the school in terms of pupils’ performance and the quality of teaching. They understand and are able to explain the reasons for the infant school’s success and contribute to improvement planning…”