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Our commitment is to the safeguarding of all the children in the school. We work in partnership with families to ensure that children can flourish and thrive when they come to our school. We aim to build trusted relationships with families so that you can raise concerns and ask us for help when things go wrong. We have skilled staff that listen to the voice of children so that they can tell us if they are worried about the behaviour of any adult or other children. If we feel that there is a risk to the safeguarding of any child we will consult with Norfolk Children’s Services and we will share our concerns with parents and carers. However, we have an obligation to act in the interests of the children and will pass on any concerns that we feel necessary.

What happens when a child protection concern arises?

If any member of staff has a concern about the welfare or safety of a child they must tell the person in charge of Child Protection. This person is called the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

The details of the concern are recorded on our online monitoring system. All information is strictly confidential.

The DSL will decide whether to talk to the child’s parents, monitor the concern, seek further advice or make a formal referral to Children’s Services.

When a referral is made the parents are informed.

Children’s Services then work to protect the child and support the family. They may involve a variety of other agencies.


Ofsted says…

“The governing body does a good job in making sure that the school meets current national requirements for safeguarding pupils”.